Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns是Kent Beck的經典之著,書名看起來是Smalltalk語言的最佳實踐,但一樣適合在其他語言。本書承習著K.B的寫書的特色,輕薄短小,字字珠磯。以下是我一邊閱讀時一邊紀錄下的筆記,我這本書沒有很細仔去看,但是大約的掠過,所以可能對內容上會有誤解。

程式風格 (Style)


  • Once and only once - 不要有重覆的程式碼
  • Lots of little pieces - 短一點的method
  • Replacing objects - a.k.a code for interface
  • Moving objects - Another property of systems with good style is that their objects can be easily moved to new contexts
  • Rates of change - don’t put two rates of change together