Quick Satrt

  • download pax construct
  • setup path
  • create a new OSGi project pax-create-project -g examples -a test
  • create a Bundle pax-create-bundle -p org.example.pkg -n test.bundle
  • build and deploy mvn clean install pax:provision
  • shutdown felix server by shutdown commend

setup your own env

           | some example Pax-Runner settings
           | uncomment to auto-generate IDE files

default pom.xml under proejct is like above. You can <param>–platform=felix</param> to <param>–platform=equinox</param> and enabled ide support by remove comment.

embed 3th party jar

  1. pax-embed-jar
  2. mvn install
  3. pax-provision

embed or wrap

embed: just put jar in container wrap: provides capability for install, resoled, unstall, update, export package ….

Enable Spring DM